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939€ + ÁFA ( 1.193€ )
Gyártó: Thermo Orion
Cikkszám: 9342BN
Elérhetőség: Előrendelhető
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Thermo Scientific Orion® Surfactant Half Cell with BNC Connector 0 to 40°C. Surfactant half cell is a potentiometric sensor for end point detection in titrations of anionic or cationic surfactants in a solution. Surfactant detecting electrode in anionic or cationic titration which is specifically designed for use on Thermo Scientific Orion® 960 autochemistry system. Electrodes available with a BNC connector and can be used on any ISE or mV meter with a BNC connection. Must be used with the double junction reference electrode. Electrodes can also be used on meters with a variety of inputs when an adapter is used. Construction: Plastic membrane half cell. Concentration range: Endpoint indicator. Temperature range: 0 to 40°C. Calibration standards: 0.5 M Hyamine titrant. Reference filling solution: 900002 inner/810007 outer. Per each. Thermo Scientific Orion® #: 9342BN.

Típus Ion-szelektív elektródok (ISE)
Concentration range Endpoint indicator.
Temperature range 0 to 40°C.
Calibration standards 0.5 M Hyamine titrant
. Reference filling solution 900002 inner/810007 outer.
Per each.
Thermo Scientific Orion® # 9342BN.