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281€ + ÁFA ( 357€ )
Gyártó: Thermo Orion
Cikkszám: 8103BN
Elérhetőség: Előrendelhető
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Storage Requirements To ensure a quick response and free flowing junction, the sensing bulb and reference junction must not dry out. Short-term Storage (up to one week): Soak the electrode in ROSS' pH electrode storage solution, Cat. No. 810001. Long Term Storage (more than one week): Fill the reference chamber and securely cover the fill hole. Cover the sensing bulb and reference junction with the protective cap, sleeve or storage bottle containing a few drops of storage solution.

Típus pH elektródok (pH electrode)
Product Size Each
Description Semi micro tip
pH Range 0 to 14
Precision 0.01
Temperature (Metric) Operating 0° to 100°C
Material Glass body
Junction Ceramic
Filling Solution Type 3M KCl
Length (Metric) 165mm
Connector Types BNC
Diameter (Metric) Cap 16mm
Drif t <0.002pH/day
Internal Reference ROSS
Length (English) 6.5 in.
Temperature (English) Operating 32° to 212°F
Type Combination Semi-micro pH Electrode, BNC connector
For Use With (Equipment) Standard pH Meter, BNC connector