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PH5000 pH / ORP Controller / Transmitter

307€ + ÁFA ( 389€ )
Gyártó: Clean Instruments
Cikkszám: PH5000
Elérhetőség: Előrendelhető
PH5000 pH / ORP Controller / Transmitter
User friendly, Large luminant LCD screen, easy operation, Symmetrical input, RS-485 output, High-end measuring technology ensures unbeatable precision and reliability at hazardous area applications. PH5000 is your professional choice.

Leírás és Paraméterek

Designed for precise pH/ORP control at complex and harsh environment. 
High protection against electromagnetic interference. 
NEMA4X, IP65 rated: waterproof and anti-gas
Multiple lines display of LCD screen, optional high luminance LED backlight
Two relay circuits, users can select high-low control freely. Separately adjustable high and low
      set-point hysteresis(dead bands) prevent chattering of relays around the set points.
Third relay Cleaning/Alarm function; users can set the cleaning frequency and time
Scaleable isolated 0/4-20mA Outputs for pH/ORP
Two optional electrode input: balanced input or asymmetric input
Temperature value offset adjustment
Glass electrode and antimony electrode are selectable to meet different industrial situations or
      HF(hydrofluoric acid) measurement situation
Independent setting for process temperature(TST1) and calibration temperature(TST2) in manual
      temperature compensation (MTC) mode. 
RS-485 output

PH5000 Flyer-English PH5000 Manual-English


pH Range -2.00-16.00 pH
  Resolution 0.01 pH
  Accuracy ±0.01 pH
  Signal Input Impedance ≥1012 Ω
ORP Range -2000~2000 mV
  Resolution 1 mV
  Accuracy ±1 mV
Temperature Temperature Range -10.0~110.0 °C
  Resolution 0.1 °C
  Precision ±0.3 °C
  Temperature Sensor Pt1000
  Temperature Compensation Automatic/Manual
Signal Output/load Signal Output 4-20 mA (Adjustable)
  Current Accuracy 1%FS
  Load <500 Ω
Data interface RS485 have
Relay Ouput On/Off 2 SPST Relays
  Output 2.5A 230 VAC
  Cleaning/Alarm Relays 1X 2.5A
Others Power 85~260 VAC or 24 VDC
  Working Temperature 0~60°C
  Humidity < 90%
  IP Rated IP65
  Installation Panel Mounting
  Dimensions (H×W×D) 108×108×158 mm
  Panel Cut Size 94.5×94.5 mm
  Weight 0.5 kg