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EDT DirectION GP383

Gyártó: EDT DirectION
Cikkszám: EDT DirectION GP383
Elérhetőség: Előrendelhető
Accuracy   ±1% of reading
Accuracy Temperature Compensation   Compensation range 0-50 °C
Conductivity Ranges   0-199.9µS/cm 0-1999µS/cm 0-19.9mS/cm 0-199mS/cm
Manual Temp   Compensation range 0-50 °C
Power Requirement   9V Battery or Mains Adapter
Recorder Output   0-199.9mV
Reference Temperature   25°C
Size   210 x 150 x 88mm
Temp Resolution   0.1 °C
Temperature Coefficient   User adjustable 0—4%/°C
Weight   550g
Temperature Range   -5 to +100°C

Leírás és Paraméterek

The actual sales price depends on the current exchange rate! The producer's actual list-price is: 530£ (GBP).
Az aktuális ár függvénye a változó keresztárfolyamnak! A gyártó jelenlegi listaára: 530£ (GBP).
The EDT GP383 General Purpose Conductivity meter is robust, easy to operate and is designed to give results that are both accurate and reliable. This meter features front mounted controls, robust, splash proof case, automatic temperature compensation and four ranges from 0-200mS/cm.
The GP383 Conductivity Meter has an accuracy of +1% and is capable of mainsor battery operation. The manual controls makes calibration extremely simple using the EDT conductivity standard solution provided. Once the calibration is set, the user may select the appropriate range for the sample and read conductivity value directly from the clear LCD display.
In addition to the functions of the BA380 Basic conductivity meter the GP383 has temperature measurement and display. For more versatility and sophistication there are two further useful functions. Firstly the Known Cell constant of particular cells can be inputted directly allowing instant cell checking and to provide compatibility with additional instruments. Secondly the temperature coefficient is variable for greater accuracy
The EDT GP383 Conductivity Meter can be used with the complete range of EDT conductivity cells. Supplied with Probe (E8071), calibration solution (A3052),stand (E8061), Mains adapter (E8041) and 9V Battery (A3060).

Accuracy ±1% of reading
Accuracy Temperature Compensation Compensation range 0-50 °C
Conductivity Ranges 0-199.9µS/cm 0-1999µS/cm 0-19.9mS/cm 0-199mS/cm
Manual Temp Compensation range 0-50 °C
Power Requirement 9V Battery or Mains Adapter
Recorder Output 0-199.9mV
Reference Temperature 25°C
Size 210 x 150 x 88mm
Temp Resolution 0.1 °C
Temperature Coefficient User adjustable 0—4%/°C
Weight 550g
Temperature Range -5 to +100°C