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DKK-TOA WQC30 Hordozható elektrokémiai multiméter

Gyártó: DKK-TOA
Cikkszám: DKK-TOA WQC30
Elérhetőség: Előrendelhető

Measuring range:
pH: 0.000 to 14.000 pH
mV: ±2000 mV
Temperature: 0° to 50° C

Leírás és Paraméterek

The actual sales price depends on the current exchange rate! The producer's actual list-price is: 380.000Y (JPY).
Az aktuális ár függvénye a változó keresztárfolyamnak! A gyártó jelenlegi listaára: 380.000Y (JPY)
Superior reliability when measuring turbidity in the low range
The repeatability of the measurement in the lower range is ± 1 %.

Stores up to 200 data
Automatic storage at fixed time intervals is also possible and is suitable for simple monitoring, etc.

* Short interval memory function: 2 seconds-99 minutes 59 seconds or long interval memory function: 2 minutes 99 minutes (after 1 minute measurement it is in sleep mode.

* This sensor module has no cleaning function. In order to maintain the measurement accuracy, the sensor part must be cleaned frequently.

* This sensor module is not intended for continuous measurements. If you carry out a simple monitoring, please keep the duration of the use within 24 hours.

Compact and robust
Small and light to hold the main unit with one hand. WQC-30 is waterproof and dustproof, robust and suitable for on-site use. Its design with lower energy consumption ensures a long battery life.
* Dimensions: main unit approx. 68 (W) × 35 (H) × 173 (D) mm
* Weight: main unit approx. 290g (including batteries)
* IP67 rated

Expandability of the system
(Connectable to PC, external printer)
Measurement data can be exported to the PC in text format using data acquisition software.

Sensor module
Model / product name: Cable length
Sensor module WMS-30:
2m (standard)

Measuring range
pH 0.000 to 14.000 pH
mV ±2000 mV
Temperature 0° to 50° C

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